Ciderbration! Draft Cider, Mead & Kombucha

  • Meridian Pint 3400 11th Street, NW Washington, DC 20010 USA

It may be DC Beer Week, but we're going to spend a day celebrating cider. Until DC Cider Week gets going our apple-loving friends deserve a night of their own. We're going to pour at least 18 draft ciders and meads, including some selections from abroad, and will offer 25% off all of our beer and cider bottles as we do every Monday night.


  • Anthem Cherry
  • Anthem Hops
  • B. Nektar Necromangocon
  • B. Nektar Zombie Killer
  • Bold Rock Virginia Draft
  • Cidre Dupont Reserve
  • Distillery Lane Celebration
  • Distillery Lane TBD
  • E. Dupont Organic Cidre
  • Jack's Helen's Blend
  • Millstone TBD
  • Original Sin Cherry Tree
  • Original Sin Elderberry Cider
  • Original Sin Newton Pippin
  • Urban Farm Fermentory Baby Jimmy
  • Urban Farm Fermentory Cascade Hopped Cidah
  • Urban Farm Fermentory Dry Cidah
  • Urban Farm Fermentory Sour Cidah

We're very excited to announce that UFF will also be sending us draft Kombucha. Their Blueberry and Ginger Kombuchas are both authentic, low-alcohol, “Booch” and will be available all night!