Cantillon Zwanze Day 2016

  • The Sovereign 1206 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20007 United States

The Sovereign is incredibly honored to host Cantillon's Zwanze Day for the first time ever in 2016. The privilege of pouring their Zwanze blend each year is bestowed upon fewer than 60 locations across the entire globe. We'll be opening the bar and restaurant at 11 AM for customers and along with the other participating bars we'll be tapping the Zwanze keg at 3 PM sharp.

This year's Zwanze offering is going to be a throwback to the Framboise Cantillon was producing until about 30 years ago. As the name implies, it was a lambic aged on raspberries, but back in the eighties they used fresh fruit that lost its color quickly and often made filtration difficult, so cherries were also used to help maintain some rosiness and to act as a secondary filter bed beneath the raspberries. Vanilla was also added to round out the flavor of the offering. This will be the first raspberry/cherry blend they've done since 1986, and definitely the only Cantillon lambic to incorporate vanilla since then.

Though we will not be officially pouring Zwanze 2016 until 3 PM--as we share in a worldwide toast with all of the other Zwanze Day breweries, bars and bottle shops--we will be preselling tickets for pours of Zwanze 2016 right when we open at 11 AM. All those with Zwanze 2016 tickets will get to taste this delicious rarity once the keg is tapped at 3PM. Additionally, all other Cantillon drafts will be available for purchase right when we open at 11 AM for Zwanze Day.


  • Cantillon Zwanze 2016 (Lambic w/ Raspberries, Cherries & Vanilla - Tasting tickets begin selling at 11 AM; Zwanze 2016 tapping at 3pm)
  • Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic (Gueuze - Available at 11 AM)
  • Cantillon Kriek (Kriek - Available at 11 AM)
  • Cantillon Mamouche (Lambic w/ Elderflowers - Available at 11 AM)
  • Cantillon Iris Grand Cru (3 Year Old Iris - Available at 11 AM)