2019 DC BEer week Heurich house educational EVENTS series


The DC Brewers’ Guild and the Heurich House Museum invite you to host a DC Beer Week Educational Event. The Educational Event series has been a staple of DC Beer Week since its inception, and offers organizations, academics, brewers and industry leaders the opportunity to educate the general public on a variety of informative, beer related topics. Educational Events are free to host, but we do ask for a $50 donation to the DC Brewers Guild to help defray the cost of reviewing applications and marketing the events on our website and through our various social media outlets.

This year, the Heurich House Museum and its outstanding staff will be curating the Educational Event Series. Educational Events MUST meet the following criteria:

EDUCATIONAL EVENT CRITERIA: Educational Series Events should be designed to educate the public on topics related to beer and the brewing industry. Topics may include, but are not limited to, beer industry history, the "art" of brewing, the technical brewing process, current status of the brewing industry, best practices for beer production, public policy issues related to the brewing industry or other relevant topics. Educational events should feature specific programming, such as lectures, interactive panels, workshops or visual presentations. The events must be open to the general public. Events may be hosted at the sponsor’s facility, the Heurich House Museum, or other agreed upon location.

Organizations wishing to host an Education Event must fill out an Event Application, which can be found HERE. The Heurich House staff will then notify applicants if their event is approved or denied. Upon approval, successful applicants will be directed to our event sponsor page to make the $50 donation, and the event will be listed on our website and announced through our social media outlets. All Educational Events will also be listed on our official DC Beer Week Event listing.

The Heurich House staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about the Educational Event Series, and provide additional guidance and recommendations for topics, venues and presenters. Please contact Jennifer Ezell at jennifer@heurichhouse.org.